envelope manifesto

The envelope manifesto is a low tech (no tech) system of playfully and cheaply sharing information in public space

If you've found or posted an envelope:

document here

This is the envelope manifesto. It is your choice to follow or ignore any part of it, as you see fit.

  1. You, who has found this envelope, are responsible for the envelope included inside of this one. You can include anything inside of it, you can add whatever you want to the outside. The only thing you must include inside of the envelope is another envelope, and a copy of this manifesto. seal it and leave it anywhere in public space.

  2. The envelope is a node posted in public space for sharing information. It doesn't have to be serious information, or real information, it's just about public information.

  3. A posted envelope is not an act of defiance or vandalism. It is meant to be temporary, harmless, and unintrusive to those who live around it.

make your own

what you will need


  1. Before you put anything inside, stamp an envelope with your custom stamp a bunch of times. Alternatively write on it with sharpie, paint on it, whatever you want. Probably good to indicate in some way that this is an envelope that is meant to be opened. Do this on the side where the envelope flap will close as this will make it clearer that the envelope is in fact an envelope and note just a rectangular piece of paper. Doing this before we fill it will make it much easier to write/stamp on, and you can do a bunch at once before filling if you want to be efficient.

  2. fold an envelope in half twice so that it's small enough to fit in another envelope. In the stamped envelope, Put the folded envelope, a copy of the manifesto, and some sticky tack (I found about 3 squares is usually enough). Also add an extra item, maybe something you've created, a poem, a calling card, a trinket, a game, a thought written down, whatever you want. Seal the envelope

  3. prepare the envelope with three squares of sticky tack on the side without the flap. You have to knead it and get it soft, then push it good one the envelope. Try to rough up the outward facing tack with your fingernail, a key, etc. This will make it stick to whatever surface better

  4. In a public space, on the outside of a building, stick the envelope by placing it against the wall and pushing really hard from the front on each of the three tack balls. Maybe don't do this with a bunch of people and/or cops around, it might make people nervous. You can also simply drop the envelopes in public space


where to post envelopes

Is this illegal?

(also this is me here saying, I'm not responsible/liable for any stupid stuff you may do, do this at your own risk).


This here, from me, is not a political focused project. Of course if you want to post envelopes with Anarchist, Alt-right, or Hillary 2016 content, I, nor anyone else, will stop you. I will however give you my two cents about why I think this project works better when it's not overtly politically centered

the politics of public playfulness

For me this project is political in the sense that playful work in public space is itself a political statement. I think that this type of art is about slowly and subtly shifting perception about public spaces and what we want to/are allowed to do in them. Public communities of expression like graffiti and street art already have plenty of overt political activity, and I think they serve us quite well in that field already. In a space filled to the brim with ideologies and calls to action, gentle emerging statements of playfulness may be what our public landscapes are currently lacking.